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Terms & Conditions

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Kindseat ©Kindseat 2012

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Welcome Original Plus Hi


Shipped to most parts of the world at discounted shipping rates:

 USA and Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand etc

Payment methods:

You can pay through Worldpay or PayPal

UK Customers also have the option to pay by

Bank Transfer

Cheque (Offline payment)

Or by 6 monthly instalments for orders over £100 (Offline Payment)

-More Details

PayPal Acceptance Mark

Or go back to change your order?

Checkout notes:

There are just 4 steps to go.  You can cancel or change at any time:

1. Review: Review your shopping basket to see you are buying what you want.

2. Your details: Delivery Address - This can be different to card details address if you are sending a gift.

3. Confirmation: Confirm that have read the terms and conditions. And choose your payment method. If you have a discount code you type it in now.

4. Payment: This is done through Cardsave or Paypal on their secure sites. I don’t see any of this information. The address you use here must be the address used by your card: Your billing address.  


Payments are accepted in UK pounds, US dollars and Euros.

Other currencies are converted by your card vendor from pounds into your local currency.

Thank you for choosing to buy from Kindseat.