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Kindseat ©Kindseat 2012

Registered Design No.: 4026339

Welcome Original Plus Hi

Is it right for me?

The [Original] Kindseat will fit most people but if you are concerned that it might be too small try this simple test.

Put two piles of books about 25 cm or 8 inches high (to simulate the posts) on the floor.

Adjust the distance between the books to be 43cm or 17inches.

If you can sit (with your legs in front of you) between the piles of books then a standard Kindseat will fit you.

If you can’t sit between the books then you might want to consider the Kindseat Plus.

Is it strong enough for me?

The Kindseat has been been tested up to 280lbs (20 Stone, 127kg). At this load there was no appreciable movement.   When kneeling or when sitting some of your weight is taken by the floor.

Some people have expressed concerns about the webbing. Webbing is used in military applications and is strong. With this design the webbing would be able to support over 1.7 tonnes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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For the full specification for the Kindseat  please click here to download a pdf.

How Do I adjust an Original Kindseat ?

Easy to adjust in 3 steps: To adjust the height of the seat,

• Remove the legs by unclipping a buckle

• Set the length of each suspension loop against the height scale on the seat.

• Replace the legs and re-clip the buckle

Once the seat has been set up it will stay like that until it is intentionally adjusted again. It remembers!

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