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The Kindseat Hi : A meditation chair that is fully adjustable for optimum comfort.

Kindseat Hi
(including Carry case)

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Cushion for Kindseat Hi


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Jonathan sitting on Kindseat Hi meditation chair

Many people would like to have a good meditation posture but can’t use the traditional postures such as cross-legged or kneeling.  This may be due to becoming less flexible with age or some form of illness. They may have tried a chair but found that they can’t get the height right for them.  

The Kindseat Hi has been designed for meditation and offers the features of the original Kindseat but at chair height.

The Kindseat Hi can be assembled in under a minute (and taken apart in seconds) and requires no tools or screws. It packs away into its own carrying case that can be carried over the shoulder. The case is included in the price.

Dimensions and weight

There is also an optional custom cushion.

The height if the seat is altered by changing the length of two loops.  This length is easily changed by using simple clamps as shown here.

The underneath loops neatly stow away as shown on the left of the picture.

Lowest position

 The height can be easily adjusted from 14 inches to 25 inches high.(36-63cm) (A typical dining chair is 19 inches.(48cm)) encouraging the optimum meditation position where the knees can be lower than the hips.

The tilt of the seat is forward and varies just by tilting your hips.

The Kindseat Hi Meditation Chair

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